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Establish a leading one-stop service platform for the cell and gene therapy & nucleic acid therapy

  • Plasmid CDMO

    1-500 L high-flexibility large-scale GMP plasmid manufacturing, DoE meets customized needs.


    Efficient and stable capping modification process, 1 mg to 100g flexible IVT scale.

  • Delivery System CDMO

    LNP encapsulation innovation technology, efficient process optimization and scale-up.

  • Filling Line

    Two filling platforms with annual production capacity of 10 million vials for injection (in 2 ml).

  • Analysis and Quality Study

    Rich experience in process-related impurities, product-related impurities, and activity analysis.

About us

CATUG Biotechnology is an innovative technology company focus on the process development and application in the field of nucleic acid technology.

Founded by a number of talents from the top international and domestic biotechnology companies, internationally well-known and famous universities and scientific research institutions.

Aiming to provide one-stop CDMO services in the whole chain for gene & cell therapy and nucleic acid drug products.

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